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First letter drink, Christmas lunch and pub crawl

First letter drink  

On the 27th of October, the first letter drink took place at café Vader KleinJan. This is a café in the old port of Rotterdam. It was the first drink this academic year. Everyone had to dress up as something. Since the theme was ‘first letter drink’, you had to think of something that has the same first letter as your name does. As an example, Merel came as Minnie Mouse. 
Many outfits passed by. Everyone did their best to think of something original and tried to dress as good as possible. We had Apres-ski Anne, Bear Bram, FBI Fabienne and Athlete Annika and many more. Also, three Minnie Mouses showed up: Merel, Marine and Madelon. 

Everyone got one free drink and enjoyed each other’s company. Besides the chatting, something fun came up. We had to do a little quiz! The outcome of this quiz was the destination for the SkiTrip. One group had the answer really quickly, the Skitrip in January is going to Val-Thorens! This made the drink even more fun.  

So in short, this was something to remember and worth repeating!  

Pub crawl 2021 

 On the 9th of November, the Events committee organized their first event. No better way to start than with a pub crawl! With four locations in the city center, it was without a doubt an unforgettable evening. We started the pub crawl at “Café Reijngoud”, after a drink or two we went to “Scharrels & Schuim” for some comfiting snacks and fancy cocktails. With all big smiles we wandered to our next location, “De Gele Kanarie”, where most of us had our favorite craft beer. Then it was time to go to “Vader Kleinjan”, where we had our last drink. Altogether, the first event of the academic year was a great success!  

Christmas lunch

The 17th of December the annual Christmas dinner was held at Eetcafé ‘t keerpunt. Because of the covid-19 restrictions the time of the dinner changed to 1 PM so it was actually a ‘Christmas lunch’ but that didn’t spoil the fun! Everybody dressed to impress, and we started the afternoon with a lovely welcome drink. The location was beautifully decorated, and we all got a cute Christmas card from the Events & Freshman weekend committee who organized the dinner.  

After everybody had found a place to sit, the three-course meal started. As appetizer we had the possibility to choose between baked mussels with vegetables and cheese gratin from the oven, a chef’s soup, Carpaccio, Shrimp cocktail with fresh lettuce and whiskey sauce or a bruschetta with goat cheese from the oven. 

As Main we could choose between Pork tenderloin with pepper sauce, 2 soles fried in real butter with ravigotte sauce, satay from the grill, steak from the grill with pepper sauce or a veggie burger. 

And as dessert we had the option between icecake or apple crumble fresh from the oven. 

The food was absolutely delicious and we all had an amazing time. Compliments to the Events & Freshman weekend committee for this lovely meal and thank you to everyone who came and made it an unforgettable Christmas lunch!