Hi students!

My name is Floor Hofstra and I am the Chairman of the Health Business Week Committee 2020-2021. I am currently following the Masters Healthcare Management. Last year, I completed my two Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Health Policy & Management. I enjoy doing something extra in addition to studying. For example, I have been a mentor for first-year ESHPM students for two years. I also like to organize events and that is why I became Chairman of the HBW Committee 2021.

I will take you with me on my experiences as the Chairman of the HBW 2021 and what I have personally achieved and where I have grown. First, a brief introduction of what the HBW is. The Health Business Week is the leading health event where students, companies, opinion leaders and keynote speakers meet during the largest healthcare-related business week in the Netherlands! Everything around the HBW is organized by the HBW Committee, which you can be a part of. I found this to be challenging, because you are free to organize such a large event according to the ideas and wishes of the entire Committee. Coming up with an overarching theme like ‘The New Health Care Era’ this year; devise activities for which students want to register and learn from, and of course it is very important to look for companies and sponsors that want to contribute to this great event.

Looking especially, at my position as Chairman, you are responsible for the overall functioning of the Committee. You turn the Committee into a strong team that will organize the best Health Business Week together and have fun! You coordinate and stimulate the committee members and offer support wherever necessary. Being able to communicate well is one of your core competencies. You monitor the total overview and chair the various meetings. You also maintain contact with other stakeholders such as SHARE and ESHPM.

I thought it was really great to organize such a big event. In the beginning I did not realize how much impact you could create by organizing such an event, but during the HBW you saw how enthusiastic both the students and the companies were. Students discover companies from the healthcare sector and actually score a job through the HBW!

Due to the corona situation and the lock-down, it was necessary to think out of the box and to develop an alternative plan. This resulted in a successful, fully online HBW 2021. As the Chairman of the HBW I learned a lot this year, but the most important learning point for me was: ‘managing an ambitious group of committee members leads to personal growth and fun!’.

What are the benefits of the HBW 2022 Committee for you?

Organizing the HBW gives you the opportunity to develop yourself both professionally and personally and gives you the opportunity to expand your healthcare-related network. In addition to the educational year, you will have a lot of fun and even build new friendships! Organizing the HBW will take +/- 2 working days per week, but this can differ per function.

So, if you are interested in organizing the Health Business Week 2022, don’t hesitate and send your CV + motivation letter with your two preferred positions to [email protected] before May 3, 23:59. For further questions you can always reach us via this e-mail address or via our social media channels!

Choose a challenge and have an amazing year full of new experiences!

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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