Eurekaweek 2020

Dear new student,

Faculty Association SHARE is the faculty association of the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM). Its aim is to enrich the student lives of students from ESHPM’s educational programs. Bachelor students, master students, Dutch and international: you are all more than welcome to enjoy what F.A. SHARE has to offer! SHARE is run by a Board consisting of 6 students, with the help of around 50 committee members. Throughout the year, SHARE’s committees organize all kinds of activities, such as trips abroad, theme drinks, study related events and career events which are all completely voluntary. In addition to organizing activities, SHARE is also committed to the interests of students and tries to contribute to the quality of education. SHARE represents students and provides the faculty with advice and feedback from its students.

In short: SHARE offers a lot of possibilities to participate in a committee and thus gain experience in organizing events and trips. Of course, you can also just enjoy all the activities without being a committee member. In addition, SHARE offers you a substantial discount on your books and we offer you the opportunity to contribute to the quality of your own education.

F.A. SHARE is very excited to welcome you to the Erasmus University and the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management!

On behalf of the 37th Board of F.A. SHARE,

Ava Hoogenboom


Ski Trip experience story – Merel

Last year, in my first year as a student and as a member of SHARE I decided to join the Ski Trip. It was a very good decision. This year (2020) we went to Italy for five days of skiing and nights filled with fun activities. I had already met a lot of first year students but during the Ski Trip I got to know some second- and third year students with whom I became very close friends. The skiing area was fun, challenging and quite big for me as an experienced skier. Luckily, there were opportunities for lessons for the beginners as well. Usually, the experienced and non-experienced skiers would meet-up around 1 PM to talk about the past morning and enjoy a well-deserved meal for lunch! After skiing hours were fun as well! The well-organized dinner and après-ski activities like karaoke and beer pong made sure that even when the slopes were closed, we would have a tremendous time together!

Freshmen weekend Experience story – Merel

Every year the Short Trip Committee hosts a weekend for all first-year students. The freshmen weekend is a perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students. You can think about a game night, scavenger hunts, quizzes, a beer cantus and more. Personally, I really enjoyed this weekend. I had met a lot of people during the Eurekaweek and during this freshmen weekend we became a super close group of friends. I really recommend joining this year’s freshmen weekend!


The Academic committee organizes activities that are educational and fun. An entertaining pubquiz and a 30 seconds tournament are a few of the many activities that the Academic Committee has organized in the past years. In addition, the committee has facilitated several visits to live television shows, like Jinek and RTL Late Night. Of course, there are also activities that are focused on learning new skills. Some examples of these kind of activities were a successful stitching course and a workshop on how to handle your concentration and motivation during busy times. One could say that learning something in a fun way, is the main goal of the Academic Committee.


The Marketing Committee is arguably the most creative committee that our association knows. Brand new and in charge of the designs of SHARE’s merchandise! This year they have designed great sweaters, beautiful t-shirts, fannypacks and slippers in which our members can ‘flaneren’ and show the passion they have for our association. In addition to the merchandise, the Marketing Committee makes aftermovies, so you can always recall memories after an event or a trip. In short: the Marketing Committee brings a lot of good things to the members!

Dies & Drinks

Throughout the year SHARE organizes several drinks where you have the possibility to hang out with your friends and meet new people! Some of the drinks have a specific theme. In November for example the Dies & Drinks committee organized a Halloween themed drink where everyone dressed up in Halloween costumes. Another example of a drink that was organized this year was the beerpong tournament. Unfortunately, we had to celebrate Share’s Dies Natalis via Zoom due to COVID-19, but the drinks are usually organized at Café Stalles. After the drinks most people end up partying deep in the depths of the ‘Vieze Vibes’. The drinks are not mandatory but completely voluntary. Busy with working out the notes you made during the lectures? No problem, you can attend a drink whenever it suits you. If you want to make new friends or have a study-free evening, feel free to join one of the drinks next year!


Every now and then SHARE’s Events Committee organizes unique events. At these events you and your fellow students will participate in all kinds of activities. For example, this year we played laser tag on a boat. After the activity we went to Café Stalles to have dinner together. And if you want to end your evening with a bang, there are always SHARE members who go out at Club Vibes. Other examples of events that the Event Committee organized are a cocktail workshop and the Christmas dinner. At the Christmas dinner everyone dressed up fancy and enjoyed dinner and drinks together. All the events are organized in such a way that you have a lot of fun but don’t have pay a lot of money. Interested in what events will take place next year? Understandable. Come find out yourself next year!

Study trip

During the annual Study Trip, SHARE goes abroad to learn something from foreign healthcare systems! In the past few years SHARE has been to several wonderful travel destinations such as Bulgaria, Romania, Morocco, Russia and many more. This trip there is a great mixture of sightseeing, cultural experiences and educational activities. All in all, it is an excellent opportunity to connect with an amazing group of people and often friendships are made here for life!

Short trip

Every year the Short Trip Committee organizes the Short Trip! This is a trip of four days to a city somewhere in Europe. Last year we were supposed to go to Paris, but this was cancelled due to COVID-19. The year before last year we went to Prague. The trip lasted four amazing days full of fun activities (some study related activities but mostly non-study related activities), sightseeing and dinners. During the Short Trip the committee will organize some activities, but what I liked a lot about the Short Trip was that we were given a lot of free time to explore the city ourselves. The nights out in Karlovy Lazne, the biggest club in central Europe with five different dance floors (!!), were also very memorable. Every year the Short Trip is one of the highlights of SHARE’s year!

Health Business Week

Every year SHARE organizes its biggest career event: The Health Business Week. During this week, students have the opportunity to get in touch with companies that are related to the healthcare sector. By participating in this event, you will meet your possible prospective employers during workshops, masterclasses, presentations, inhousedays and network drinks. The activities during the week are organized in a way in which you can get to know companies in both an informal and a formal way. So, for a fun time that is also good for your career, SHARE organizes the Health Business Week every year.

Dear student,

As Faculty Association SHARE we have the opportunity to provide input on the education of Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management. The Manager of Education is usually the chairman of the education council, in which two to three students of each bachelor year can take seat to represent the interests of the students and give feedback to the program director of the bachelor on the educational program. Besides that, the Manager of Education takes seat in the ESHPM council, which entails meetings with the Executive Committee of ESHPM about the organization throughout all programs ESHPM offers and problems that may occur during the academic year. SHARE also organizes a buddy system, for which students can apply as a tutor or as a student who needs help with certain subjects. This way, students can help each other with the subject matter. A few times a year, SHARE organizes SHAREdstudyspaces. SHAREdstudyspaces are a(n) (online) platform where students can ask each other questions about their subject a few days before they have an exam on that subject. As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities for Faculty Association SHARE to have impact on the education of ESHPM!

Jolijn Grimbergen

Manager of Education

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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