The Health Business Week Committee

Hi everyone,

The Health Business Week is the biggest healthcare related career event in the Netherlands. During these two weeks (21 February until 4 March 2022) students will have the opportunity to get in touch with companies that are related to the healthcare sector. The aim of this event. This event gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with the job market within the healthcare sector. They can participate in workshops, company presentations, business cases, speed interviews, a company dinner, network drinks and an inhouse day. Apart from the internation day, the Health Business Week events will be in Dutch, unless explicitly specified otherwise.

The Academic Committee

Hi everybody!

We hereby present to you the Academic Committee of 2021-2022! We will organize activities that are both fun and educational. Have you ever wanted to ask questions to somebody interesting in the health industry? Or have you ever visited a museum focussing on the history of a specific health sector? The activities are for bachelor students as well as for master students. We hope to see many of you on one of our events.

Lots of love, the Academic Committee

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee

The Events & Freshmen Weekend Committee

Hi everyone, 

Let me introduce you to: the Events & Freshmen Weekend Committee of 2021-2022! This year, we will try our best to organise unforgettable events for SHARE’s members. We are very excited to leave the online events in the past and to see you all in person again!
Besides organising the events, it is also our responsibility to organise an amazing Freshmen Weekend for every first year bachelor student. This will be a great way for freshmen to get to know SHARE and to make valuable friendships with fellow students!

Freshmen, senior and everything inbetween,
We’ll organise things you’ve never seen!

The Marketing & Almanac Committee

Hello everyone,

I would like to present to you, with great pride, the Marketing & Almanac Committee of 2021-2022! We are a fun and hardworking group of 6 girls who will make sure that everyone will be able to enjoy a beautiful almanac. Not only will we work on capturing the last five years at SHARE, we will also release some awesome limited edition merchandise so make sure to get it while you can!
With kind regards,
The Marketing & Almanac committee

The Lustrum Committee

Hello everyone,

Finally, after five years of waiting.… In honor of the 8th Lustrum of F.A.Share, we as the Lustrum Committee want to invite you to celebrate this unique moment together! Together with Erasmus School of Health policy and management we will celebrate our 40th anniversary in the month of May. This month is all about connecting, celebrating, learning, socialising, discovering and collaborating with each other. We can’t reveal too much yet, but we will do anything to make it an unforgettable experience. So please subscribe to the social media channels and stay tuned.
If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or feel free to approach us personally. We hope to see you all during the Lustrum!
Kind regards,
The Lustrum Committee

The Lustrum Trip Committee

Hi everyone, 

We proudly present to you: the Lustrum Trip Committee 2021-2022. Every five years this committee organises an amazing trip to a lovely destination in or outside of Europe. The trip is filled with various fun study and non-study related activities such as visiting popular sights, learning about the local health-system, and exploring the nightlife. There will be something interesting for everyone! To make all this possible we have an enthusiastic team of 7 girls, who are all looking forward to making this trip a big success!

We hope to welcome you all to our Lustrum trip!

The Lustrum Trip Committee

The Ski Trip Committee

Hello everyone,

We want to present you the new Ski Trip Committee 2021-2022! We are going to make sure that this year there will be an amazing ski trip. Due to Covid last year the ski trip was cancelled so this year we will go for a good one to make up for it. Of course, we will organise multiple options to (après) ski and more great activities. We all hope to see you soon at our ski trip!

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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